Gezatone Skin Ultrasonic Nano Steamer m901

Art: 1301128
Ultralight and compact skin steamer has been designed for retention of moisture balance in face and body skin and hair; it also may be used to spray cosmetic tonic.


The skin steamer has integrated ultrasonic element with vibrational frequency of 140kHz which resolves water into nanoparticles and disperse them. Fine-dispersed steam is perfectly absorbed by skin restoring water balance in tissues. Nano Steamer generates steam within 30 seconds, and this is enough for providing optimal moisture level. The important thing is that you can do it anywhere as the steamer operates on batteries.

Use the steamer at home, in the office, airplane, underground - and you will see how much better your skin and hair looks! Plus, you do not need to worry about your makeup as particles of steam are so small that they do not disturb your makeup but make it tougher.

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