Gezatone Face Aqua Care Nanoion Steamer 105i

Art: 1301127
Gezatone Nanoion Steamer 105i is easy to use and comfortable for cleansing and moisturizing your skin, and preparation skin for creams and masks. Hot steam with nanoions freshens, improves complexion and tones.


Gezatone Aqua Care Steamer with ionization action is an amazing care device which prepares skin for cleansing, recovers moisture balance in skin, tones and improves complexion.

Thanks to its innovative heating elements the steamer starts generating steam enriched with ions in just 40 seconds after switch-on. Such ionized hot steam excellently opens pores, enhances metabolism, refreshes and regenerates skin. Gezatone Steamer 105i is perfect for regular home care and comprehensive skin treatment.

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  • Face care
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