Galvanic at home ionic- ultrasonic m360 massager

Galvanic at home ionic- ultrasonic m360 massager
Art: 1302092
Compact cosmetological apparatus with ultrasound and galvanic functions for face lifting and professional cosmetological treatments at home.


Gezatone Ionic-Ultrasonic m360 is a compact cosmetological device for complete skin care. Regular treatments combined with special cosmetics help to clean skin, even it, reduce wrinkles, enhance face skin suppleness.

The main cosmetological functions:

  • Reduction of pigmentation, prevention of ageing signs
  • Wrinkle reduction, ageing prevention
  • Puffiness around eyes reduction
  • Cell metabolism enhancing, complexion improvement
  • Face ultrasound massage
  • Deep skin cleaning, acne reduction
  • Cosmetic product penetration into deep skin layers, multiplying their effect
  • Women
  • Face care