Gezatone 4 118 D'Arsonval Biolift For Face, Body and Hair With 4 Heads

Art: 1303103
Family D'Arsonval with replaceable heads is designed for treating acne and pimples, improving hair growth, treating alopecia, body sculpting, improving skin appearance and rejuvenation.


Gezatone D'Arsonval Biolift4 118 will be your best family physician.

Gezatone D'Arsonval Biolift4 118 solves a lot of problems and can be used by all your family: teenagers - to treat inflammation and acne, adults - to solve aging problems, and elderly people.

  • Treatment of inflammation, infiltrates, pimples and acne;
  • Decongesting and enlarged pores treatment;
  • Improving skin appearance and colour;
  • Preventing age-related changes and skin toning;
  • Alopecia prevention and hair growth stimulation, improving hair appearance;
  • Cellulite treatment;
  • Varicosity prevention, peripheral circulation improvement;
  • Wound healing.
  • Men
  • Women
  • Family
  • Face care
  • Body care