Gezatone Cyber Relax Armchair, AMG399.

Art: 1301142
Portable massage armchair combines roll massage, IR heatup, and vibrating bottom. Massage relieves spasms and fatigue, tones and destresses. Massage blanket is made from hardwearing fabric of premium quality for long-lasting excellent appearance.


The device has 16 treatment modes including fist and roll massage, Shiatsu point massage and vibration; you can select any of them according to your needs.

Gezatone Cyber Relax Armchair treatment modes

Fist massage mode improves vessel function, relieves tension, refreshes after working day.

Roll massage mode deeply kneads muscles massaging the whole back along spine.

Shiatsu point massage mode treats acupoints improving metabolism processes, recovering energy flows, destressing.

Infrared light mode treats deep muscles and vessels, recovers their tone and relieves spasms.


Vibromassage mode is available in the armchair bottom, improves blood and lymph flow, decongests.