Gezatone IRelax Body Massager, AMG395

Art: 1301137
Portable massager with rotating rollers deeply kneads muscles, enhances blood circulation, relieves spasms and fatigue. The device is designed to massage back and neck, abdomen, arms and legs.


Universal IRelax Body Massager has been designed specially so that everyone could have therapeutic massage in the comfort of his home. It massages with rotating rollers and has a unique shape which makes it easy to use on neck, lumbar area, abdomen, to massage hands, forearms, calves, and thighs. 3D massage with IRelax eliminates blood and lymph congestion, recovers normal muscle tone, improves well-being and instantly relieves strain.

Treatment areas of IRelax Massager AMG395

  • Neck and shoulders.
  • Back and lumbar area.
  • Hands and forearms
  • Thigh, hips and calf muscles.
  • Abdomen and body sides.