Gezatone Ultrasonic Face Cleaner HS2307i

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GEZATONE ultrasonic face peeling device HS2307I is a beauty salon at your home!


Ultrasonic peeling - skin cleaning and peeling

Ultrasonic high-frequency waves generate micro-jets from a cosmetic care product applied onto skin; these micro-jets remove impurities, excess sebum and keratinous epidermis. Ultrasonic peeling deeply cleans face, neck and decolleté skin and oxygenates it. As a result the face skin is even, clarified and younger.

Ultrasonic massage at the cellular level

A special function of GEZATONE HS2307I unit is ultrasonic massage at the cellular level which is called ""sonic dermatology"" by cosmetologists. Ultrasonic waves of the unit have a favourable effect on tissues, stimulate production of native collagen and elastin, boost metabolic process in skin. Delicate massage at the cellular level is a powerful rejuvenating and stimulating cure which does not wear out and damage skin, enhances circulation, decreases puffiness. Micromassage helps cosmetic product to penetrate into active skin layers and multiplies treatment action.

  • Women
  • Face care