Hand vibro and infrared heating massager Hand Spa AMG115

Hand vibro and infrared heating massager Hand Spa AMG115
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Complete hand massage with deep infrared heating for relaxation, relieving stress, skin irritation, dry skin; effectively moisturizes hand skin, and boosts active ingredients of cosmetics penetration.


Deep comfortable infrared heating improves microcirculation, metabolism, relieves muscle tension and pain. Thanks to infrared heating the active ingredients of the cosmetics deeply penetrate into the skin, moisturize it, leaving it soft and velvety, instantly relieving irritation and dryness. Comfortable vibromassage stimulates acupuncture points on the palm, boosts microcirculation, relieves fatigue, improves the feeling of well-being, mood. The massager is 2 full size massage mittens, a controller and an adapter. Specially designed safe material of high thermal conductivity, easily cleaned is used.

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