Multifunctional anticellulite body apparatus m380

Multifunctional anticellulite body apparatus m380
Art: 1302089
The apparatus Gezatone Cellusage helps to tone slack body muscles, enhance skin tone and subcutaneous fibers, normalize sebaceous gland functions.


Gezatone Cellusage m380 is the compact cosmetological apparatus combining 3 cosmetological functions. It`s designed for skin cell regeneration with the help of ultrasound massage; body muscle strengthening thanks to impulse electric muscle stimulation. Gezatone Cellusage also helps to increase body muscles, boost body tone and subcutaneous tissues, regulate sebaceous gland function.

Electric muscle stimulation together with infrared heating and ultrasound massage provide excellent results.

  • Reduction of body sizes
  • Decrease of fat
  • Fight with saggy dehydrated skin
  • Cellulite reduction (including fibrosis one)
  • Edema lessening
  • Cosmetological products penetration into deeper skin layers (ultraphonophoresis)
  • Lifting (strengthening) of detoned muscles
  • Scar reduction, commissures including fibrosis cellulite
  • Women
  • Body care
  • Anti-cellulite products