Ultrasound massager for face and body skin care SuperSonic m350

Appareil de soins faciaux avec 4 embouts. AMG 106, Gezatone.
Art: 1302090
The device for first class professional massage at home. It helps to fulfill face and body skin care, enhance its elasticity and suppleness. Regular treatments combined with special cosmetics enhance skin cleaning, reduce pigmentation, freckles, wrinkles.


The principal is based on the sonoderm method widely used in professional physiotherapy and cosmetology. The active element (radiator) generates ultrasound vibrations of 1MHz frequency (1 mln per second) that make skin tissues and cells change their density – contract and relax at the same frequency. The soft massage of the tissues at the cell level provides powerful stimulating effect without stretching the skin. The ultrasound miscomassage activates metabolic processes in the derma cells, accumulate energetic factor ATF, and produce active ingredients. Fibroblasts of collagen and elastin produce substance necessary for skin elasticity; simultaneously wrinkles are reduced, lymph and blood circulation are enhanced. The miscomassage positively affects sebaceous and sudoriferous glands, makes even the skin surface and scars, post acne, inflammatory infiltrations.

  • Women
  • Face care
  • Body care
  • Anti-cellulite products