Anticellulite breeches with mini sauna effect

Anticellulite breeches with mini sauna effect
Art: 10210
Classical breeches Gezanne made from unique 3 layer air neoprene material for fast weight loss, fighting of all kinds of cellulite, thigh and buttock circumference reduction.


Classical anti cellulite Gezanne breeches are made from 3 layer material to fight both weight and cellulite as well as prevention of varicosity. The inner layer is based on lycra gives comfort and superb looks of the pants; the middle layer, made from air neoprene produces sauna effect thanks to it the skin gets warmer, metabolism is improved, detoxification is carried out. The inner layer contacting skin is made of 100% cotton preventing irritations and giving extra comfort. The unique feature of the material is air neoprene has a net structure providing micromassage effect and skin breath.

  • Women
  • Body care
  • Anti-cellulite products