Magic Wave Micromassage Clothing for Cellulite Treatment

Magic Wave Micromassage Clothing for Cellulite Treatment
Gezanne Clothing for Cellulite Treatment is made of unique 3-layer material which allows effectively fight cellulite and excess weight.


Choose an appropriate size of pants, knickers or shorts and wear them for at least 3 hours a day. You will feel warm, little squeeze and pleasing massage in your hips area. In 2 weeks of daily use you will observe your hips and waist noticeably reduce in size, your skin looks better, and it is more elastic.

Wear it during work-outs and the effect will exceed your boldest expectations! These clothes look great, so you can wear them everywhere: while you walk or travel. Its universal style allows you to wear it even under outer clothing. These products are made of a patent ‘Magic Wave’ texture. This unique wavy texture with prominent cells produces a massaging effect on your skin and hypodermic tissues at any movement of your body.

This continuous massaging action stimulates blood circulation, lymph drainage, enhances skin elasticity, and destroys hypodermic fat deposits. Providing a mild squeezing effect Gezanne Magic Wave products prevent edemas and vein problems (varicosity).

  • Women
  • Body care
  • Anti-cellulite products