Slimming Health Belt m142

Slimming Health Belt m142
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The first fitness massager combining figure modeling, slimming and vibromassager. It’s the best way to loose weight, reduce cellulite and keep the body in good condition.


Thanks to its specially designed anatomic construction the massager is ideal for training of the most problematic body areas: waist, belly, thighs, and buttocks. VibroSnap technology from Gezatone Company makes your muscles contract up 60 times per second corresponding the most intensive physical activity. Health Belt Gezatone is supposed not only for weight and cellulite reduction but for professional sportsmen for abdominal muscles as well as for muscle relaxation and pain relieve. Due to massage impact efficiency of muscles is increased, muscle atrophy and heterotrophy are diminished, and muscle tone is normalized. It also stimulates muscle relaxation, relieves fatigue, and regains the feeling of well-being.

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  • Anti-cellulite products